BCC President, Dr. Deborah DiThomas

Dr. Deborah DiThomas, President of Barstow Community College is the originator of this history project. “When I came here (Barstow Community College) I started looking around to learn about the origins of the school. I wanted to know about its founders, its people, its background and history. I found nothing,” Dr. DiThomas explained.

When I realized that the college had been in existence for over 60 years, I thought it would be important to document its origins. I asked myself, where are the artifacts,” she continued. “Where are the founders? How do we pay tribute to all the people who worked so hard to bring this school into existence and have maintained it and supported its growth. What about its supporters, its students, its faculty, its administrators and staff? So, I went to the board and proposed a history.”

Dr. DiThomas explained that the board agreed about the need for a history and supported her proposal. “History and origins are important,” she continued. “…We have to honor our history. We need to document and honor things done in the past—so we can build on the past and make bridges to the future.”

Dr. DiThomas said too many times in Academia, projects and programs are started then things change and are forgotten. “How many times do we need to rebuild and reinvent the same things,” She questioned. “But documenting what has been done, we can move forward. With our history, we document things and people and places that should not be forgotten.”

dithomas sign
Dr. Deborah DiThomas